First Newsletter of 2023 - Happy New Years and Crypto Outlooks!

December 2022

Final Newsletter of 2022 - Highlights and Happy Holidays!
A new Pool is open for Backer participation, plus more from the nest

November 2022

The Goldfinch charm is stronger than ever
Information on Goldfinch’s continued stability for the community
Not to be missed: events highlighting real-world asset backed lending

October 2022

Enhance your participation and yields: join the Membership waitlist
A little alpha tease, a lot of resources. Plus, how to provide feedback to Goldfinch.
Four questions from Goldfinch, top highlights from the community, plus how the protocol is pushing new frontiers for DeFi primitives.
How to connect with Goldfinch, recent coverage, growing the ecosystem, and more from the nest
“When the crypto markets were hot, every project seemed invincible…”

September 2022

How to conduct due diligence on Goldfinch’s Borrowers, where soulbound tokens connect to Goldfinch, plus upcoming events